Welcome from our CEO…

Following Baker Tilly Gwatidzo changing its name to Baker Tilly, I take the pleasure of welcoming you to our community.

The name change reflects the firm’s adoption of the Baker Tilly brand in the countries we operate, thereby enhancing our network ability to offer a seamless service. Our goal is not only to be defined by size, but by our talent, what we stand for and the experience clients can expect when working with us.
We have always believed in a client focused and partner led approach aimed at delivering total client satisfaction. This will not change.

Businesses today are faced with increasingly complex challenges. Government regulations are changing, new industries are emerging and technology is changing at a fast pace. With such a complex and challenging environment, clients need focused, informed and responsive professional advisors. Baker Tilly is that firm of professional advisors.

Representing the Baker Tilly brand in our marketplace enhances our ability to provide clients with the seamless support they need as they grow regionally and internationally.

Increasingly, clients are demanding international capabilities from their advisors Baker Tilly provides this through its independent membership or Baker Tilly International. Personal contact sets us above the competition; we are prepared to make our best resources available to you, regardless of your size. That is our commitment. Our commitment is embedded in our leadership, behaviour and our values.

Baker Tilly is a trading name of Baker Tilly Gwatidzo. Baker Tilly Gwatidzo traces its roots to April 2001, when Phibion Gwatidzo founded Gwatidzo and Company Chartered Accountants in Harare, Zimbabwe. Today, Baker Tilly is the independent member firm of Baker Tilly International in Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe with over 100 staff in five offices.
We boast in God’s faithfulness, our clients’ support and our professionals. We are committed to growth. We have faith in our ability to grow. Our professionals create an atmosphere essential for controlled growth. We invite you to join our community, a community of empowered staff, satisfied clients and global relationships.

Building People Impacting Nations